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Prescription Soap Bar

Prescription Soap Bar

  • Easily customisable by concern and skin type
  • Backed by skincare specialists
  • Aims to keep skin healthy
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    How It Works

    Darzata's holistic Anti Acne bundle: Anti Aging Soap and Anti-Acne Face Pack. Experience ancient cleansing with charcoal's detoxifying prowess while hemp seed oil nurtures and revitalizes. Combat blemishes and restore balance with neem-infused face pack. Unveil radiant, clear skin today!

    How To Use Soap

    1. Wet your face. Rub the soap on your face/ skin gently. Shea butter greases the skin and prevents chafing by exfoliants #GoodnessofSheaButter
    2. Leave the lather on for 30 seconds. This helps the skin absorb shea butter. It also helps skin absorb vitamins and minerals. #FoodForSkin
    3. Gently rinse the lather. Oats, gentle exfoliant, remove dead skin cells’ layer
    4. Pat your face dry with a towel smoothly
    5. Let the skin breathe for a few minutes, before putting on your moisturiser or serum
    6. Yes, you can use the soap for the rest of the body as well!

    How To Use Face Pack

    • Take quantity as needed with rosewater / honey / milk as per skin type
    • Apply a thick and even layer of pack on face and neck with clean fingers face pack brush
    • Leave to dry 40% then gently massage in circular motions with wet hands for couple of minutes
    • Rinse with lukewarm water
    • Spray rosewater to moisten your skin

    Science Of Goodness

    Experience the combination of ancient secrets and nature, curated by our team of cosmetologists, in these soaps, enriched with fresh herbs, scientifically formulated and handcrafted to promote healthy skin with no side effects

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In Sanskrit, 'Darzata' means something beautiful or eye-catching. This aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver hair and skin care that is not only effective but also aesthetically pleasing. We aspire to be a rare star in the personal care universe.

    Yes, Darzata products are formulated with a focus on inclusivity. While individual skin types may vary, our commitment is to create products that cater to a wide range of skin needs, promoting overall health and beauty.

    Darzata places a premium on authenticity and quality. Our products undergo rigorous formulation processes, ensuring the use of genuine natural ingredients. We believe in transparency and strive to provide our customers with the best in personal care.

    Absolutely! Darzata is dedicated to proving that authentic natural products can provide substantive and lasting benefits.
    Our unwavering belief in the power of nature, combined with advanced formulation skills, ensures tangible results for long-term hair skin health.

    Darzata is committed to sustainability. We source our natural ingredients responsibly, prioritize eco-friendly packaging,
    and aim to reduce our environmental footprint. Our commitment extends beyond personal care to fostering a harmonious relationship with nature.

    Powerful yet gentle to skin

    Millie, Bangalore
    Millie, Bangalore,  


    Excellent soaps. Use the charcoal hemp soap bar every day after workout. Skin feels so fresh and clear...

    Megha,  Pune


    The best face pack for acne!!! I have really bad acne and I saw results in two weeks use!!

    Niyati, Mumbai
    Niyati, Mumbai,  


    This face pack is very effective for my acne-prone skin... I could see is amazing effect within a week of usage... No new acne formation...

    Vineet, Hyderabad
    Vineet, Hyderabad,  


    It's a very good add on to the routine.It reduces oil in your skin and makes you feel fresh.Good product.

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